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Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Marcos Mateu-Mestre
Frauenleben: Eine europäische Geschichte 1500-1800
Olwen H. Hufton

Zeichnen für Modedesign

Zeichnen für Modedesign - Elisabetta Drudi I have to admit upfront that I'm not into fashion design, but mostly wanted some help to understand different and "advanced" clothing in figure drawing for better character design.

The main shortcoming is that it only covers female figure, features, poses, nothing for sketching men and presenting clothing on them. Also while it has some nice inspiration for different facial shapes, features, and hair styles, it is not diverse at all, i.e. all the sketched women appear to be white.

The part with the common body twists to show off clothing was useful, but some of the exaggerations were way over the top. Which maybe some like in design sketches, but I found many grotesque looking. Their starting point for unexaggerated proportions is the already somewhat idealized 8-head proportion (the average actual human is more likely 7 heads high, though of course that is not as easily divided in sections, and with 6-8 heads still normal looking, 8 is convenient). And while the 8.5 head they give as fashion proportion are common enough for that, the book takes that as normal and goes further when exaggerating, in some instances going with a 10-10.5 head hight and truly bizarre leg lengths. Even superhero exaggerations only go to nine heads high and then with a width increase. So that made plenty of the figures painful to look at.

I liked the section with basic female clothing shapes and elements better, so it's helpful for that.